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Heat Treatment Services,

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Welcome To
Alfa Heat Tech

Established in the year 1996 at Maharashtra.
AN ISO/TS 16949 & ISO 9001:2008 certified company is a quality oriented Heat Treatment Endeavor, launched in Pune with highly skilled Metallurgists.
The main objective of this Company is to provide all types of processes related to Heat Treatment Technology. ALFA HEAT TECH deals with Surface, Substrate and Anticorrosion treatments on Metals.
27 Years of
Work Experience
about us
Our Services

Specialist in Heat Treatment & Surface Treatment of Metals

  • HSS (High Speed Steel) - M2, M3, M4,    M35, PM 23 (600 Ø X 800 mm length)
  • Tool steels heat treatment (600ø x 3000 mm length)
  • Martempering (1000 ø x 3000 mm    length)
  • Austempering (adi) (2500 ø x 3000    mm length- 7.0 tonnes)
  • Nitriding - gas & liquid (1500 ø x 4000 mm length)
  • Qpq arcor knitcor (1500 ø x 2000    mm length)
  • Hardening - gas & liquid (1000 ø x    3000 mm length)
  • Shrink fitting (cryogenic &    thermal)
  • Phosphating mn & zn, fe (2000 ø x    3000 mm length)
  • Blackodising (2000 ø x 3000 mm    length)
  • Failure analysis with image    analyser
  • Metal testing, metallurgical    consultancy
  • Salts & furnaces and allied    products
  • Carburising - gas & liquid (1500 ø x    2800 mm length)
  • Carbonitriding - gas & liquid (1500    ø x 2800 mm length)
  • Copper & alloys heat treatment    (1000 ø x 3000 mm length)
  • Aluminium alloys heat treatment    (1000 ø x 3000 mm length)
  • Flame hardening, soln annealing,    normalising, stress relieving
  • Annealing - solution, isothermal,    spheroidised(1000 ø x 3000 mm    length)
If you have any query related our products ... We are available