Shrink Fitting

Cryogenic Shrink Fitting (Any Size) :

There are a huge number of industries and applications which benefit from shrink fitting or removal. In practice, the methodology employed can vary from a simple manual approach where an operator assembles or disassembles the parts to fully automatic pneumatic or hydraulic press arrangements.

 Industries and applications:

  • Railway - gearboxes, wheels, transmissions
  • Machine tools - lathe gearboxes, mills
  • Steel works - roll bearings, roll neck rings
  • Power generation - various generator components
  • Cement Industries rollers
  • Rerolling mill rollers
  • Automotive starter rings onto flywheels
  • Timing gears to crankshafts
  • Motor stators into motor bodies
  • Motor shafts into stators
  • Removal and re-fitting of a gas turbine impeller
  • Removal and re-fitting of hollow bolts in electrical generators
  • Assembly of high precision roller bearings
  • Shrinkfitting of 2-stroke crankshafts for ship engines
Thermal Shrink Fitting services :

We are dealing in Thermal Shrink Fitting services.

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