Testing of Materials Metallurgical Services

METAL Testing Services :
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Corrosion Testing
  • Fatigue Testing and Fracture Toughness
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Metallography
  • Physical Testing
Failure Analysis of Mechanical,Welded,Electrical,Petro Chemical Components
  • ALFA HEAT TECH provides a complete reliable, high quality materials testing services committed to maintaining your precise specifications while meeting your scheduling requirements. We enjoy the range of prime garnered by our esteemed customers, which means you can rely on a wider range of testing services for metals and alloys.
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  • Examples of failure analysis are almost everywhere. Whether it is a minor maintenance failure or a disaster of national significance, anyone can learn from analysing mistakes.

We check and analyse the following parameters :

  • Mechanical properties
  • Microscopic product features
  • Flaws and defects Material composition
  • Corrosion susceptibility
  • Steel/alloy identification
  • Metallography
  • Fractography
  • Grain size measurement
  • Impurity inclusions
  • Casting defects identification
  • Secondary phase distribution and identification
  • Micro indentation hardness
  • Tensile, compression, and flexural strength
  • Corrosion testing
  • Coatings analysis
  • Failure analysis.
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