Zinc Phosphate Coating Services :
  • Zinc Phosphate Coating Services is applied when increased corrosion resistance is required. Zinc phosphate withstands 240 hours of neutral salt test.A wide range of coating weights may be obtained : from very thin fine crystal films to heavy deposits with weight up to 4 g/ft2 (40 g/m2).
  • The coating color is gray of different tins : from light to dark. Finer zinc phosphate crystals produce darker color. Dark gray color is also characteristic for the high carbon steel substrates.
  • Zinc phosphate coatings may be applied by using immersion or spray technique.
  • Light and medium weight zinc coatings do not require substrate surface activation. The substrate surface should be acid activated prior to heavy coating deposition. Zinc phosphate is used not only for non-coated Steels and cast irons but also for galvanized (zinc plated) steel parts.
  • Size - Phosphating Zn & Mn (2000 Ø X 3000 mm Length)h
Manganese Phosphating Services :
  • Manganese phosphating is applied when wear resistance and anti-galling properties are required.
  • Manganese phosphate also possesses the ability to retain oil, which further improves anti-friction properties and imparts corrosion resistance to the coated parts.Magnesium phosphating typically have black color with a slight brown tint, intensity of which depends on the content of manganese oxide in the coating.
  • Manganese phosphate is applied by immersion method.
  • The substrate surface should be acid activated prior to coating. The coating weight is typically in the range 500-4000 mg/ft2 (5-40 g/m2).
  • Because of their good anti-friction properties and corrosion resistance iron phosphate coatings are widely used for combustion engine parts (camshafts, piston rings, cylinder liners, gear parts), weapon mechanisms and other parts working with friction. Oil treatment is commonly employed as post treatment.
  • Size- 1000 Ø X 3000 mm Length
Iron Phosphating :
  • Iron phosphating is applied when strong adhesion of a subsequent painting is required.
  • In contrast to the solutions for Zinc phosphate and Manganese phosphate coatings, in which the metal ions are a constituent of the composition, to the iron phosphate solution iron ions are provided by the dissolving substrate.
  • Iron phosphate coatings have very fine Grain structure. Iron phosphate is translucent therefore its color depends on the steel surface quality.
  • The common color is blue or bluish-brown.Iron phosphate is applied mostly by spray (threestage or five-stage) method but immersion technique is also used.
  • The coating weight is typically in the range 20-100 mg/ft2 (0.2-1.0 g/m2).
  • Size- 2000mm Ø X 3000mm Length
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